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American dancer and choreographer.

Trained at the Juilliard School and schools of the American ballet theatre and M. Graham, he was a member of the Joffrey Ballett (1971-73) and the Stuttgarter Ballett (1973-80), of which he later became choreographer (1976-81). He became director in 1984 of Frankfurter Ballett, and created a choreographic language in which the academic technique fits into a dynamic of exasperated acrobatism. In 1999 he started working with the company of the Bockenheimer Depot and, in the same year, became director of the Theater am turm in Frankfurt. In 2004 he created the Forsythe Company.

Among his most significant works: 

Steptext , 

In the middle somewhat elevated (created for the Paris Opéra, 1987), 

Impressing the czar (1988), 

Enemy in the figure (1989), 

Limb’s theorem (1990), 

The loss of small detail (1991), 

ALIEN/A(C)TION (1992), 

Quintet (1993) and 

Eidos: Telos (1995), 

Hypothetical stream (1997), Opus 31


William Forsythe    - Nueva York 1959)

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